The Fear of Seduction

This month in class I am partnered with Nick, who finally came back to Tuesdays 🙂 Our scene is from Coupling and I absolute love it. Not only is it hilarious and so much fun to play, it also has me working on something that was once absolutely terrifying to me, but is now…fun?


Forever ago, when I was in LA, my scene required me to try and seduce someone. I was failing miserably, so my teacher gave me homework.  I wanted to be the girl next door that the guy just happens to fall in love with, because flirting or being seductive was either scary, or made me feel ridiculous. I never fixed this while I was in LA, and although I took baby steps in future workshops, such as with Tom Todoroff, it wasn’t until last week in class that I actually looked forward to playing with the seduction, and finding ways to have fun with it, rather than just get it over with. I can’t say anything as to my actual skills in this area, but I can say that I feel a lot better and more confident about it. The fear didn’t even come into play 😉


As for the rest of the scene, I’m sort of a bit crazy and oblivious, which was really fun to play, but when Suzanna suggested I get more upset by a certain line, it changed the way I reacted to the next few lines as well, and added some interesting layers to it. It was nice when we both got into it and were cutting each other off. Absolutely  LOVED the improv before the last take!


Another student couldn’t make it to class, so I also got to do a scene from The People v. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story. After the first take (the only time I got my first line out properly), Suzanna suggested I be more stern at the end when I reprimand my scene partner. I was playing Marcia Clarke, who is supposed to be in charge, so I needed to compensate for me being younger than my scene partner and try to assume her power and sort of put him in his place. It was a lot of fun, and although I would have loved to see Jen, I’m really glad she couldn’t make it 😉

On a side note, although I have been posting blogs every week or so, there are so many things I haven’t been sharing lately, either because I was waiting for a picture or new developments, or just because I needed to write about something else first. I have realized that I will never catch up if I keep waiting to go in order, so here is a quick recap of what I have been up to:

-I have been a reader at least once a week since I started, and I love it, so much. Not just getting to act with countless talented individuals, but seeing what it’s like from the other side, getting to know the people…it’s amazing!

-I filmed a very quick scene for the Cohort, which was fun as always, but especially catching up with everyone now that we aren’t filming every weekend.

-I got to be a tour guide on set, as background, but it is definitely a different ballgame when you’re in the frame and you have to consistently be entertaining the group of people that is surrounding you.

-I was also fortunate enough to go out for coffee with a few awesome people. Whether it was sharing my knowledge, absorbing all of theirs or just getting to know each other, I had an incredible time with each of them 🙂

Other than that, I have seen some movies, hung out with friends, done self tapes and celebrated some birthdays. Now I am 10 days into Nanowrimo and way behind on my word count, but I’ll be back on track next week 😉

“I haven’t always been good at flirting, but I’ve learned that flirting is all about confidence. I don’t think it’s about being sexy at all; it’s just about having enough confidence to walk up to somebody and have a conversation with them.”

-Sevyn Streeter

“My version of flirting is looking at someone I find attractive and hoping they have more confidence than I do.”

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