Two Weeks to Go!

It’s really when you’re reaching the end of a journey that you truly start to see everything you wanted to do but haven’t gotten to yet. It also means I have to start figuring out what I’ll do when I get home. Which is exciting and scary at the same time.

So far I have signed back up with the acting and improv schools I was studying with, and I’ve been trying to decide if I should move to Toronto and for how long. Right now there is a class I really want to try out, but it’s expensive, so I’m trying to make sure it’s worth it first. I really hope it’s as awesome as it seems!

On Monday we had new scenes to do with our new partners. Unfortunately, the first group to go up had the same scene as us, so we had to get a new scene. Luckily, we’d had a second choice, which Sean seemed to enjoy, since it was all about one friend helping the other to discover her power and her sexiness. Basically, it was right up the alley of what I’ve been trying to figure out. My character starts out the scene afraid and thinking no guy will ever love her, but then finishes it with confidence, feeling like she’s on top of the world. The first part is really easy for me, and I am working on the second part. I think this scene might be just what I need.

I went to the movies on Wednesday and although I haven’t made a list of whose parts I could potentially play, it is something I consider whenever I am watching something. But I don’t just think of which role I want, I also think of what shows or types of movies I want to get to be a part of. My roommate here in L.A., Atlee, has made it her mission to get on Shameless. I have this problem where I want to be on everything, but lately I seem to really want to be one of the strong, female fighting characters, like on Nikita, Vampire Diaries, Chuck, Alias, The Walking Dead, etc. I don’t usually make lists of the shows I want to be on, because I don’t see myself making it for a few more years, at which point the shows might be over, and I will have tried for a dream that won’t come true. But I think it’s important to dream, so I will make that list of shows, and even if I don’t make it onto that particular one (ie Chuck and Alias) I can be in another show like it. I do realize this means I need to get into shape and take stage combat classes and kickboxing and boot camp. Which should seem scary, but I am so excited! A bunch of my friends are doing Tough Mudder this summer, which is an obstacle course for special ops training or something. It looks really exciting, but also overwhelming, so I might try to make that a goal for next year. 

In Improv class on Thursday, we actually got to do a bunch of little scenes, which is the scary part, when you go up there with nothing but a tiny suggestion to build a story around, but it is so fun when you’re up there. Only 2 classes left 🙁

Also, this has less to do with the acting, but I really wanted to get to go to a Food Truck while in L.A., thanks to movies such as What To Expect When You’re Expecting, and shows like Happy Endings, which make it seem like a lot of delicious fun. It turns out last night was Melrose Night, so all the food trucks congregated basically right outside my door. It was really fun, and delicious, and I had a great conversation with a really cool guy while waiting in line. So that’s one thing off my list of things to do! 🙂


Really yummy sweet potato fries!



And this was a s’more melt. Nutella, marshmallows and graham crackers. Delicious!

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