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Before I share what I’ve done this week with you, I wanted to talk a little bit about Lean In Circles, just because I said I would and then forgot to in my last post. Sheryl Sandberg, after writing the book, launched, a non-profit organization that encourages women to lean in, as well as gives them the tools to do so, through community, education and lean in circles. The website has all kinds of really interesting stories and videos, as well as a section where you can find Lean In groups in your area. According to the website, “Lean In Circles are small groups that meet monthly to encourage and support each other in an atmosphere of confidentiality and trust.” If you are thinking that sounds like an amazing idea, then I am with you. If you or someone you know would like to join (or start) a Lean In circle, preferably in the Montreal area, leave a comment or send me a message as I would absolutely love to be a part of a circle and share that support and inspiration 🙂

As for what is new with me, on Friday I sent in a self tape for a project I was really excited for. It was something new for me, because it was to be a reporter or a host of a newsbulletin instead of an actual character, and the subject matter was not only something I’m familiar with, but something I studied. As the callbacks were today and I am not there, I know I didn’t get the part, but I am choosing to look on the bright side, and try to be better next time. I did the lines over and over again with my dad, then decided to launch at 85% when I still felt something was off, even though I couldn’t put my finger on it. CNN has been on intermittently at my house since then, and I realized that my issue with the self-tape was that I was trying to imitate news reporters and hosts, instead of just being me. I was creating a role instead of bringing myself up to the plate. I am not saying I would have gotten the part if I had realized this sooner and been more organic. My mom even had this whole conversation with me about how sometimes you don’t get the part because you don’t look like what they had in mind, even if your performance was amazing. I love her so much for this and for everything else she does. My point is just that for me to survive in this industry, I have to do my best and then let it go. Thanks to this experience, next time my best will be better 😉

A lot of my time recently has also been spent editing the book I wrote last November. It turns out that I get two free paperback copies of the book as part of the winner goodies with NANOWRIMO, which is awesome. I was on the second draft and figured I would just keep editing it and making a new draft every few months until I was satisfied, but now I have a deadline of June 30th, so I am working really hard on getting that done. As hard as writing a book in 30 days was, I think editing it is a lot harder.

On Sunday, I went to bootcamp with my cousin in the morning, then a group of us went to yoga in the afternoon. I have been trying to get out more so that I can meet people and have more occasions to lean in and be slightly nervous, and these were excellent opportunities. Everyone at the bootcamp was super nice and friendly, and I love having people to go to yoga with instead of just doing it alone in my basement. I slightly overdid it and people have been laughing at how I walk these past few days, but I still think it was worth it!

After my exercise classes and family supper on Sunday, I was surprised by two things. There was the Game of Thrones finale, which we won’t talk about, but I was also pleasantly surprised to receive an email from someone I had auditioned for in the past. Sometimes after an audition, I will get an email saying I was great and they would love to keep me in mind for future projects, but I just wasn’t the right fit for the role. It’s nice of them, but I always assume it’s a standard email to soften the blow of rejection. In this case, he must have meant it, because he sent me the script of the project he is currently working on, and told me to let him know if there are any roles that interest me. I will probably still have to audition and go through the process, but it’s really nice to not have to submit yourself for something. To actually have them contact you and ask if you’re interesting of being a part of their project…major confidence boost 🙂

Yesterday I finally saw Carolyne for the first time in at least a month, though it feels like ages. We caught up and are trying to plan some fun things to do this summer, so if anyone has any suggestions, I am open to hearing them. Speaking of Carolyne, she has started a blog and vlog on jewellery, something she is an expert on. I have the presents to prove it 😉 There is only one post at the moment, but a new one comes out every Thursday, so if you have or buy jewellery (which pretty much includes everyone, right?) then you should definitely check her out!

Blog –>

Vlog –>

After meeting with Carolyne, we went to class with Suzanna. After a month away, it was really nice to be back. It was a mix of old and new students, including an old friend from a long ago Tom Todoroff weekend. She is absolutely the sweetest and it was really nice to see her again, and to be in class with her. An added bonus this month is that my scene is with Carolyne 🙂 We actually have 2 short scenes from the same show, and we switch roles between scenes. It’s actually really fun to see each other play the opposing characters. Also, since the scenes are so short, I already have my lines pretty much memorized, so I have decided to still spend time on the scenes every day this week, so I can see what I can do when I don’t have to work on the lines, but only on connecting. I’ll keep you posted.

“Confidence in your talent is powerful and depends mainly on your willingness to be supportive of yourself.”

“Strong, notable credits are extremely beneficial, but all credits show experience – no matter what they are. They show that you’ve worked.”

-Carolyne Barry

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