Write-Ins, Auditions and Plays :)

So far it’s a lot of baby steps, but they will all add up, right? I am referring to my commitment of doing something every day that makes me slightly nervous. And it wasn’t really a question, because there are already things that made me nervous when I started, but don’t anymore. Such as yoga class. And trying to do the crow pose. Or a handstand. Nowhere near succeeding at either of these, but I am giving them a solid effort. And going out with people for supper afterwards 🙂

These past few days have mostly been spent editing and adding to the book I wrote last November, but today I did things a little different. There is a facebook group for Montreal writers who participate in Nanowrimo, and I have been a part of it in the sense that I read all the conversations and see all the write-ins and parties they host, but I had never actually made it to one. Until today. We were only two of us for most of the time, before another girl showed up just as I was about to leave. Still, it was really nice to be with like-minded people. Writing is a pretty individual activity, unless you are co-writing something, but it was interesting to hear what she was writing about, and then to try to explain my book. Not that I am writing a really complicated story, I am just really bad at summarizing it. My brother will tell you I have a knack for explaining plots in a way that makes you not want to read or watch whatever I’m talking about. Something I will need to work on so I can get things published 🙂

After the write in, I went to watch a Fringe show. I keep meaning to go to all kinds of Fringe shows, but usually manage to talk myself out of it. This time, I bought my ticket ahead of time. A friend of mine actually wrote and stars in the play, and I have been hearing her talk about it through the research and the writing and the grant applications, so I absolutely had to see it. And I am really glad I did. It was funny, entertaining, touching and made me want to come home and find out more about this woman, and maybe about other women like her. It boggles my mind what she was able to bring to life with a footnote for a starting point. I saw their final performance, but if ever you have an opportunity to see In Search of Mrs. Pirandello, go see it 🙂

Finally, I went to a Casting Call for a webseries. I was relaxed and excited in the waiting room since there was nothing to prepare and I knew the cold read scene by heart after a couple of read-throughs. I had more than enough time to find the motivation for every line, give myself an imaginary backstory…Then I got into the audition room and had to fake it ’til I make it in the confidence department. Before doing the scene, they spent about 10 minutes or so asking me questions. This part was in French, which I am completely fine with, but they didn’t just ask the standard questions, like “Tell me about yourself” or “What have you been up to lately?” When I said I liked to write, they asked what I was currently working on, what writing meant to me, whether I was afraid of being rejected if I tried to publish and so on. I have basic Spanish on my CV, so she asked the next question, about what kind of role I would like to play, in Spanish. It was a very interesting audition, where every answer brought more questions. It was truly like they were interviewing me to be a part of their group rather than auditioning me for a role. Which was scary and exciting, but I think I like that they are taking so much care in selecting who they want to work with. In the end, the scene went really well both times we did it and in the fluster I answered every question honestly, so whether I get a part or not will mostly be determined by whether or not they like me. Kind of terrifying, right?

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”

-Theodore Roosevelt

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