Mad Hatter Tea Party @ The Sanderson

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Monday was dance night here at LAMDA, so other than a couple of rehearsals scattered throughout the day, we mostly had the day off. We took advantage by rehearsing our scenes and dances for the performances on Thursday, but I also invited a few friends to join me for a Mad Hatter Tea Party at the Sanderson Hotel.

Since the tea was Alice in Wonderland themed, all of the napkins had riddles on them, the menu was tucked away in a book, and the sugar came in this super cute ballerina music box, that actually played music every time Sydney opened it to get some sugar.

The tea selections came in little vials, with names relating to the story, such as the Queen of Hearts, White Rabbit, or Alice, which is what the 3 of us opted for.

The sandwiches were very interesting, but surprisingly delicious. Some were different takes on the classics, such as cream cheese and cucumber on lime bread or marinated vegetables, but others were completely new to me, such as avocado puree in an ice cream cone, or a scotch egg wrapped in salmon and caviar. There was also a croque monsieur (basically a grilled cheese) and a crab salad bun.

The desserts are where it really got fun, as everything was so whimsically themed. There was a carrot growing in the grass on top, surrounded by marshmallow mushrooms and tootsie roll caterpillars. On the middle level, there was a coffee flavored pocket watch macaroon, a chocolate queen of hearts soldier, a banana bread butterfly muffin and a red velvet/almond lady bug. Then the bottom level held the scones with clotted cream and jam, as well as the drink me potion, in this case, a mango smoothie, I believe.

We thought we were done after we got the cocktails, which Amy and I both gave to Sydney, but they came and brought us garden pots, that were actually passion fruit ice cream, covered in chocolate dust and honeycombs. Absolutely delicious!

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