New Year’s Resolutions

Every year, after Christmas and before New Year’s,  I make a list of my resolutions, all of the things I want to accomplish over the next year. This year, people have suggested an extra step in this process. Before planning what I want to accomplish in the future, I should take a few minutes to look back on all that I have accomplished in the past 12 months.

It didn’t seem like much beforehand, but looking back, 2012 was pretty amazing. I graduated from McGill University, I traveled to Europe with a bunch of people I didn’t know beforehand, I took improvisation classes, I took on camera acting class, I started exercising consistently and I did the Tom Todoroff weekend. Then, in November, I started my 3 week trip to Los Angeles, where I got my headshots done, took Margie Haber’s Intensive Studies Program, went to Actorfest…That trip changed my life and I made friends there that I am convinced will last a lifetime. I also started this blog, which keeps me accountable, and lets me see just how much I have grown. 

These are some of the shots Adrian took back in October. If anyone in Montreal is looking for headshots, you can check him out at


I am told the best way to gauge our progress is to compare ourselves not to others, but to our past selves. Am I better than I was last year? I am definitely more confident, have more amazing friends, and am doing so much more to achieve my dreams than any year previously. 2012 will be a tough year to beat, but I am hoping to build on this momentum, to do a little more every year, to get a little further. As they say, the future is made up of nows.

Since my last blog post, I have spent most of my time with family, one of my favorite parts of the holidays. I have also found some time to make plans for the coming months, and to put them into action. I have bought my plane ticket for my second trip to Los Angeles, and am now signed up for Anthony Meindl’s Introduction class, the Fundamental Intensive at Margie Haber Studios, and  Workshop A at the Groundlings. I am still hoping to find some kind of internship with a Casting Director, but even if I don’t, I will still be keeping myself busy. 🙂

If ever I do find myself with time on my hands, these are the things I hope to accomplish in 2013:

-Do at least one thing every day to bring me closer to my dreams

-Finish a rough draft of one of my stories

-List of whose roles I could play to help find my type

-Find one acting issue to work on every month (examples listed at the end of my previous post)

-Buy a domain name

-Build my website

-Start a Facebook page for my acting career

-Get acting experience (footage for my reel)

-Make my demo reel

-Get an Agent

-Get Paid Acting jobs

-Develop new skills or improve on previous ones


To finish my last blog post of the year, 2012 was an amazing year, and I hope 2013 is just as, or even more incredible, for me, and for all of you. Health, Wealth, Happiness, and especially Love is what I wish you all in the New Year!

Happy Holidays!

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