One of the Three <3

A lot of decisions have to be made, and only a few of them are by me. Which makes it all the more stressful while I sit here and wait. On the bright side, I have been learning to accept the things I cannot change, and only stress out about my own mistakes 🙂

I’ve actually had a pretty laid back week, with more signing up and planning than actual doing, although I did get to squeeze in some acting 🙂 Some of the scenes we had shot last week were out of focus, so last Wednesday we reshot that scene in a different location, along with a few new ones. I kind of didn’t know there were so many beautiful nature spots on the Island of Montreal, so I am definitely enjoying discovering them. Even if it sometimes involves crossing streams and walking over shaky rocks!



On Thursday, I got to do the scene from Stranger than Fiction with Carolyne. It was really fun, as always, but the last time we did it, Suzanna asked me to do it without smiling. I am a very smily person, so if you told me to go a day without smiling, I would fail, but for the scene, it was really interesting to be so anti-me. I’ll have to find the balance between the two, but I’m really looking forward to these ‘acting challenges’. I am hoping to work on my crying, as well as on accents!

After class, my dad picked me up and we headed to the Bell Center to watch a hockey game! I am not the biggest hockey fan, but it really was an amazing night, with the ambiance, and the quality father-daughter time <3


Over the weekend, we were supposed to be filming, but the weather was just not on our side, so we didn’t get to film all week, although I have a 1pm call time tomorrow 🙂

Speaking of filming, I made a big mistake, which was part of the reason I was stressed all week. Carolyne told me about a Workshop in Ottawa with a Montreal casting director, and we sort of decided to go, and booked a hotel, without my realizing that I would probably be filming next weekend. It actually wasn’t until I was asked to reschedule the filming for next Saturday that I realized my blunder. After all the talk about getting a bigger role if you show up and do a good job, I was convinced I had just ruined it for myself, that my role would be cut down and I wouldn’t be asked back. This fear lasted until this morning, when the writer/producer called to say he had good news and bad news. When he told me one of them was that we would be filming Friday night, I feared the worst. Then, he told me he would be sending me some sides that I should try to learn because he is making me one of the 3 women (Tricaillin, the title of the movie, means 3 Girls in gaelic). “So then there’s no bad news?” I confirmed, ready to jump up and down while doing a victory dance. He thought spending my Friday night on a film set would be bad news for me. Clearly, he doesn’t read my blog 🙂

This afternoon, I had another coffee date with Carolyne and Atena. Just talking and sharing our fears and hopes and dreams is better than therapy if you ask me, because a therapist might think a career in acting is crazy, while they understand. Next, we went to class with Suzanna, where Morgan, Carolyne and I did a scene from When Harry Met Sally. Love that movie, love working with the girls, and basically just love the class!

The thing that is stressing me that I have no control over is a possible job opportunity, in my career outside of acting. I have decided to leave it in the hands of those making the hiring decisions, and to just go with whatever happens. Which was easier said than done, but is getting easier. Now I have to go learn a lot of lines and pack for Ottawa this weekend!


“Acting means living, it’s all I do and all I’m good at. If I weren’t getting paid well, I would still be acting in a small troupe somewhere.”

-Morgan Freeman

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