One Step Closer :)

One step closer to being a kickass character that is, although I wasn’t sure one of those words would fare well in the title. I’m also one step closer to getting work in Toronto, at least theoretically.

2015-04-25 15.35.39

To fill you in, on Thursday, we had our last rehearsal before going into tech week, which they keep referring to as Arena Hell Week. That starts today, so we will see how it goes 🙂

Then on Friday, all I had planned was to drive to Toronto for my stunt thing (which actually wasn’t so much about stunts. I misled you). I was packing up my things, about to head out when I got an email asking me to do a self-tape for a commercial. I slightly delayed my departure to do this with my dad. Whether or not anything comes from this (although we all have our fingers crossed, right?) it was my Toronto background agent who had submitted me for a commercial, and the director liked my pictures enough to ask for a self-tape. So, one step closer to getting work, and a huge victory for me 🙂


On Saturday, I spent the day at the batcave, taking the Tactical Performing Artist Course. It was awesome. Gary, the instructor, was super nice and knowledgeable and funny. I learnt about uniforms, gun handling, stances, rope tying and all kinds of really cool things. I also discovered that the medical training courses they offer aren’t only for medical professionals. They are medical certifications, but you just need a first aid/CPR course to take them. It would bring me one step closer to that childhood dream I had of being a doctor, and it would let me be an asset in the zombie apocalypse. Not that I’m expecting it or anything, but with all the shows and movies, one wonders how they would fare, and it’s a silly side goal of mine to be of use in a situation like that (natural disasters count too).

All in all, it was a really fun and inspiring weekend. Hope next week is just as fun, and with opening night of the play on Friday, and two more shows on Saturday, it will definitely be interesting 😉

“Life is it’s own reward.”

-Morgan Freeman

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