First Life


When those closest to Alison are attacked and left for dead, she must figure out who’s behind it – and why- or she’ll be next.

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Alison Carmichael has her life planned out, from what she’s studying down to the job she’ll take when she graduates. When she discovers she has a Gift, to relive meaningful memories through touching objects, it puts everything into question.

She takes an internship solving cold cases with Dr. Grace Goncalves at her local precinct and meets a handsome stranger, Tristan Davis. As Alison learns more about the world of Gifteds, and her place within it, she impresses Detective Cortez, who enlists her help on a current case.

When those closest to her become victims, Alison must put the pieces together and solve the puzzle, or she’ll be next.

First Life is a thrilling urban fantasy novel by Amanda Lynn Petrin. If you like mysteries and the supernatural, you’ll love this paranormal adventure.

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