Snow sets and Meisner

It started out with a simple facebook message: Actress meet director. Director meet actress. I thought my friend was telling me he had started directing until I realized there was someone else in the conversation.

Fast forward to this weekend, where I spent Saturday afternoon climbing up snow banks and walking around in the snow. It probably wasn’t the most organized shoot I have been on, since it was a bit of a seize-the-moment-now-or-never affair, but it was a lot of fun. A passion project, as they say. I learnt a lot about humidity and fog, and the fact that as long as you have the beginnings of the emotion, the cold can do the rest and make you cry if the scene calls for it. Maybe even if it doesn’t. We still have a lot of work to do, but I am pretty sure it will look amazing!

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I also had Meisner class on Saturday morning. We are now a month in and I am pretty sure that I am learning things and getting better in general, but I also think that I was a lot better last week, as far as the class goes. We were only 3 of us who showed up, so I got a lot of practice time. We also tried some new things, such as dancing to a song on my phone, which was super weird and awkward at first, but turned out to be kind of nice. And while it partly put me in my head, it also got me out of it, and there were some really nice moments. I had volunteered to find an activity for the knock and activity exercise, but I clearly gave 5% when I could have gone so much deeper and raised the stakes a dozenfold. I feel like I learnt a lot from it, but if I had asked myself a few more questions, I definitely could have ended up bawling up there. This week, I don’t think I was connected with half of my partners, not sure why, but I could tell that it was going on. And there were still some really nice, honest moments, even if they were a little too rare for my taste. I will redeem myself next week as far as the class goes, but this week I did good as far as getting out there and building relationships. I had a couple of hours to kill before my call time, so instead of going to a café and writing by myself, I joined a few of my classmates for brunch. In his words, it was “okay, an adequate brunch”, but the company was quite lovely 🙂

Also, the teaser trailer is now out for Ca Arrivera Jamais Icitte. It will play at the Festival des Courts-Metrages de Boucherville on April 30th.

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“Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon.”

-Paul Brandt

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