Two Is Better Than One…

…And Four Is Even Better!

This month I get to go to Suzanna’s class on both Tuesday and Wednesday, which is one of my favorite things! Even better is that this month I am doubled up, so I had two scenes on Tuesday, and then due to scheduling, I got two scenes on Wednesday as well.

On Tuesday, I got to class early after a golf lesson with my parents, and when Suzanna asked me how my week went, I said ‘Okay’, not really thinking it was much to write home about. Because in my head I had been thinking about all the things I need to do but am not, as well  as maybe needing to apply for some part time jobs, because it has been a slow summer for me as far as making an income from acting goes. The ‘Okay’ was barely out of my mouth when I took it back and told her my weekend was actually amazing, because I was on set every day, doing what I love. And maybe I am a little behind as far as my agenda is concerned, but it’s a temporary laziness/set back that can be fixed by working harder from now on. Goals and to-do lists are incredibly important, but you also have to take the time to appreciate all the tiny steps that you accomplish along the way.

Once class started, my first scene was with Jen, from Playing House, which I have never seen, but it was really funny and so much fun to play. It’s a comedy, so I can play it a little over the top, but there is more than enough things for her to really get honestly upset. My note was actually to go deeper, because my entire life is falling apart. It’s interesting to find the balance between the two, and my scene partner has me laughing, not just in character 😉 We also got some notes on the blocking, which really opened up the scene and made it easier to play off each other, which I think is where the magic happens 😉

My other scene for Tuesday is with Nick, from Begin Again. I am not sure if I have mentioned this here before, but Keira Knightley is probably at the top of my list of actresses whose career I would love to have (Along with Emma Watson and Natalie Portman, for future reference). I am absolutely in love with all of the period movies she gets to be in (ask me how I feel about Lady Grey tea), and moments from Last Night that break my heart (which is worse?).  All this to say that I was thrilled to see I was playing her character in the scene. Which is mostly Nick’s scene, but someone once told me that it is the greatest lesson in acting to just sit there and really listen for an entire scene. And there is something liberating about not having to worry about your lines, or cues, but to just react to what you are being given.

On Wednesday, we were only 4 people in class, so we had all the time in the world to get acquainted with our scenes. My first one was from Begin Again…again. This time, with the ex-boyfriend character, with more of an exchange, and a multitude of emotions, that I didn’t get the first time, but made so much sense once a classmate pointed it out.  When I understood where the comment was coming from, it became so much more. And when Suzanna asked if we wanted to go again, I said yes. Not because I thought we needed it, but because it was a chance to act, to find new things, and I don’t want to regret saying no. It was also a chance to embrace cold reading. When I started with Suzanna years ago, I wanted to get the cold reading class over with as soon as possible so I could do the scene without the script and worrying about the lines. I was convinced everything would magically fix itself once I was off-book. Volunteering to go another time without the words to back me up…definitely one of those tiny steps to be appreciated.

My second scene that night will be with someone different next week, but it is a much lighter comedy, that my temporary scene partner wishes she could have had. It was hilarious to read and to play, from Odd Mom Out. Suzanna definitely gave me some awesome scenes this month, and I can’t wait to play with them some more!

Also, another friend was looking for a reader, so I volunteered and had a wonderful time, in addition to figuring out exactly how to work my dad’s camera. Clearly a win-win situation 🙂

Flashback to my first day on The Cohort

“Success is not a destination, but the road that you’re on. Being successful means that you’re working hard and walking your walk every day. You can only live your dream by working hard towards it. That’s living your dream.”

-Marlon Wayans

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