Weeds and The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Since I have the Camping Convention next week, Wednesday was my last class with Suzanna for the month of October. I thought I might have to do my audition scene then, so I spent a large part of the day practicing both scenes, the one from Weeds I had to do that night with Luigi, as well as the one from Cheers that I was supposed to do next week. In the end, I only did the one from Weeds, but I would much rather be overly prepared than to get in front of the camera and not remember my lines.

Now, as I have said before, I genuinely love watching the other actors do their scenes. Whether I am filming them, being on book for them or just enjoying the show, I love it! I learn from their mistakes, and I aspire to some of their successes. Not to mention, it’s entertaining. Something I realized this week though, is that it adds something when I know the show, or the scene they are doing. The four scenes were from Weeds, Friday Nights, The Social Network and 50/50, all of which I have seen. We don’t want to completely recreate exactly what those actors did, but knowing the piece helps you know the intricacies of the relationships, and I knew all the characters they were mentioning who weren’t actually in the scene. This won’t work at auditions, where I believe they use original material, but as long as I am in classes, I have an excuse to keep watching lots of TV 🙂

As for my scene, I think the first take I tried to listen to Luigi, but ended up thinking about my next line, which Suzanna commented on. So, I let it all go and focused on being present in the scene, on listening and playing off of him, which was a lot of fun. After the third take, Suzanna didn’t even have comments for what I should build on, she told me to do it the same. The last take was a lot harder for me, because the ‘roomerang’ Luigi had been throwing at me hit my throat instead of my shoulder, and he went a lot bigger, making it really hard for me not to laugh, when I was supposed to not really like Doug and be mad at him. So, I tried to give him looks like I wasn’t impressed with his idea instead of laughing with him. Apparently it worked, because the others said they like my looks. I can’t wait to watch the DVD.

I’m also happy that I will able to continue At the Studio in November, even though I am leaving for LA, since Suzanna is starting earlier so they can end earlier for Christmas. I am trying to switch back into the Thursday class so I can start going to Jazz class again, but if I can’t I will stay in Wednesday. Like I predicted, I like the Wednesday crowd just as much as the Thursday one!

I didn’t go to Jazz again last night, but this time I had a valid excuse. I have wanted to go see a Halloween showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show for ages, ever since my mom told me all about it and had me watch the movie years and years ago. I especially wanted to go after seeing Perks of Being a Wallflower, where the characters sort of run a production of it. So, when Inga, a friend from Improv asked if anyone wanted to go, I immediately said yes and bought my ticket before realizing there wouldn’t be a screen showing the movie in the background, it was just a stage production. I was still really excited though, so I went there last night and walked up and down St-Laurent to find the tiny entrance to Mainline Theater, where Inga and her roommate, Sophie were waiting. It was a small theater, with a floor in the middle, orchestra in the back and bleacher like seats on the other sides. I absolutely loved it! I had read about what you’re supposed to yell out a few years ago when I wanted to go, so I had fun yelling “slut” and “asshole” and marveling at the audience’s interaction with the cast. It was an amazing night that I wouldn’t mind making a yearly tradition!

To make the night even sweeter, I got out of the theater and found I had received an email with the headshots from Adrian. I have been packing and running around all morning, so I haven’t really had a chance to examine them all, but there are some really nice ones. Also, I definitely need to work on my makeup skills, or hire a professional…I haven’t decided which one I want to use as a headshot, but here are some interesting ones…







I will post more next time, but for now I have to finish packing and head off to Buffalo, for a Girls’ Weekend with my cousins!


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