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I am now 12 days into the Self-Tape Challenge, and I am learning a lot of things. For one, I now know where I can do a self tape on my own in my house, and I am also getting comfortable with them. That isn’t to say I am amazing at them, but I am trying new things and getting confident, which was the goal of the challenge. I am also taking the opportunity to learn some monologues, but for now I keep practicing things I actually want to send in as self-tapes instead. Which is really a good and exciting thing. Whether I send it in or anything comes of it doesn’t matter, it is really fun to actually work on things that are currently casting.

2015-02-07 21.48.38

Looking back on the rehearsal from last Tuesday is kind of bittersweet, because I am no longer participating in that project. I completely understand, because it was easy to realize that I was not really meant for the part, but it is still unfortunate that I spent so much time working on a role and learning my lines, getting into it when someone else will ultimately play it. Every day on set is a good day though, and I got to explore a character that is nothing like me. The moral of this story is not to submit for things that are off-brand, even if I am really aching to get back on set. Lesson learned, and it was an interesting experience.

Other than some work at McGill and a lovely afternoon spent with Carolyne, the only other thing of note this week is that I bought a car. Mine was dying, so it was a necessity, but it kind of puts this career into perspective. I need to get working 😉

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.”

-Winston Churchill

Also, congrats to my cousin, Steve, who ran a half-marathon dressed as a penguin today 🙂

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