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Summer has begun, and I now have a closet full of pretty dresses and shorts and summer clothes to wear! This seems silly to mention, but since I was 11, I worked at a campground, which meant that I spent the majority of my summer wearing a uniform, savoring the few precious days that I could actually wear normal clothes. Now that I quit my job, I can wear summer dresses every day! Which is exciting, but also terrifying, because having no job means I have no income. Which is probably why I have a love and hate relationship with my trip to the states last weekend. I had an amazing time and I love all my purchases, but I am not so fond of the pricetag that came with them 😉

Before I set off for the states, I got to enjoy some frozen yogurt, and see Man of Steel with Carolyne. I get how die-hard comic book fans might not be pleased, but if you just want to be entertained and swoon over Henry Cavill for a couple of hours, then I highly recommend it.

By Friday, I was starting to get worried about my career decision. If you know me, I am one of those people who will buy something, then return it before I leave the mall because I changed my mind. When it comes to major life decisions, especially the ones you can’t take back, I sometimes have issues. My problem was that I got into a very pessimistic mindset, and thought I would never make it, I wouldn’t make any money, and would have to either beg for my job back, or start over in a new field. This was not the ideal mindset for my audition Friday night. Luckily for me, the world sometimes conspires to give you exactly what you need, just when you need it. About an hour before I left for my audition, I got an email informing me that the commercial we had filmed a few weeks ago had made it to the top 25 of the submissions. Now we just have to wait for them to choose the 4 winners 🙂

My fear of being late meant that I got to my 7:45 audition at around 6:30. Morgan had an audition at 7, so after I went over the scenes and my monologue in the car, I headed over to the audition room, figuring I could talk to Morgan and see how her audition went. She happened to be coming out just as I got there. She got to go early, so her 7 o’clock spot was free for me.

Now if you have been reading, you know that I have a tendency to go to auditions assuming I won’t get the role, so I won’t be disappointed when I don’t. I have been trying to invest more into them, because if you don’t risk anything, you can’t win anything. So, I went into the audition pretty nervous, especially for the last scene, in which I was supposed to cry. But Morgan was right, and the two people in charge were so nice. They asked me to tell them about myself, which I normally don’t really like to do, but I just went for it, talking about how I decided to concentrate full time on acting after I graduated from McGill, we talked about my trip to Los Angeles, and about Tricaillin. By the time we got to my monologue, I was a little less nervous, and I can’t exactly tell you how it went, but I know I got the words right. We redid the first scene twice, and decided I wouldn’t do the second, because I only had one line in the pretty long scene. I felt it went really well, and the people look like they would be a lot of fun to work with, especially if Morgan is in it too. But, no matter the outcome, I would deem the audition a success, because I had never had to perform a monologue before, I didn’t know any, but I did then. I accomplished something i had never done before, which will make it a lot easier to do monologues in the future.


Since getting back from the states, I have made some plans for the summer, hopefully including a road trip to New Orleans in September, but either way, I am now excited for what is coming next. I went back to class last night, and though my scene was definitely not my best work, it is nice to get back into class, watching other actors work, talking to them and sharing experiences…it feels good to be back 🙂


“It is your attitude, not your aptitude, that determines your altitude.”

-Zig Ziglar (but written to me in a birthday letter by my grandfather <3 )

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