Self-tapes and Credits :)

As my chocolate countdown to Christmas gets on its way, I am also realizing how close January 1st is, with so much to do, but I remain optimistic. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, right?


After my last blog post, I spent the day checking things off of my to-do list. I have one for every week until the New Year, and so far I have been mostly finishing them (except for a few things that really had arbitrary deadlines). I worked on learning a second monologue, in case I get a meeting with an agent and need one. I made a list of casting directors I would like to possibly intern for, with all of their contact information so I can set it up before leaving on vacation January 1st.  I made cue cards and learnt the lines for the self-tape I had to do. I wrote a scene for my screenplay and planned out one of the stories I would hopefully like to finish someday. I also tried to contact the people responsible for Tricaillin, to get footage for my demo reel, but while that didn’t quite work, I woke up today to find I have a second credit on imdb 🙂 I still need to find scenes for my demo reel, but building a legitimate resume is also pretty awesome. Not to mention that my page now has a link to my grandfather’s page and vice versa!



Yesterday I did the self-tape for the role my friend recommended I submit myself for. It is a really interesting concept, especially with my background in psychology. My dad stepped in as camera man/ reader this time, and instead of rushing through it like I used to do, we read through it first, then did it over and over again until we got a take I liked. I am no longer surprised that my family supports me in this crazy and amazing dream, but I still find it extremely touching. For people to read my blog, for my dad or my brother to spend their time filming and reading for me, or helping me edit submissions. It is so touching and I appreciate every one of you, whether you are here helping me, reading from afar, liking my imdb page or simply showing some kind of interest in my journey. Thank you!

To finish off the post, we had class with Suzanna last night, the first of the month, which means we had cold reads. She stuck to her promise of no tears, and gave me a scene from As Good as it Gets, where I get to be the love interest in a romantic comedy. They have a kind of complicated relationship, so I will try and watch the movie to get their background story, to understand where Carol is coming from, but I am really looking forward to working on this scene. Also, I long ago started getting to class early, so I could mingle with the other students beforehand, but lately I have been staying back with Carolyne, walking out with Suzanna and any lingering students. I keep talking about how much I love interacting with other actors, but it truly is an essential tool, even if sometimes it just lets you know that most successful actors also had to go through the same hoops and difficulties that you do. It also prepares you for all the challenges you will face when you get to the next level. Sometimes I think, if I could just get into ACTRA, or if I could just find an amazing agent, then everything would work out. But that isn’t the case. Every stage of your career is abounding with tough decisions, new grievances and a lot of hard work, but if you love it, it doesn’t seem that bad. I am definitely looking forward to being in a position where acting is my stable source of income, and I am on set more days than not, but you can’t forget to enjoy the journey as well 😉

“One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his great surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn’t do.”

-Henry Ford

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