The Second Draft

I am a really big fan of 5 year plans and lists, which you can tell because I am always posting them. A few days ago I made a 5 year plan that ends with me living and working as an actress in Los Angeles. I am fully aware that it might take longer for certain things to happen, to jump certain tiers, but it is incredibly exciting to think that it could be possible, and that as long as I keep hustling, some day I will end up there.


Over the past few weeks, I have been working on writing a second draft of the book I wrote last November, and I finished it yesterday. It is nowhere near ready to be published, but it is one step closer, just in time for Camp NANOWRIMO in April. It is kind of like the NANOWRIMO in November, except instead of imposing a 50 000 word minimum on you, the camp NANOWRIMO lets you decide how big or small whatever you choose to write will be. Since I have discovered that I work better with deadlines and some kind of accountability, I think I might try to do the 2 camps and NANOWRIMO every year (April, July and November). We will see how that goes.


Thursday night’s rehearsal was kind of different from all of our previous ones. It was more about discovering things about ourselves and our characters than getting ready for showtime, since we tried saying our lines with a different character (mine was a 5 year old who missed her nap :p ) and also swapping roles. Very interesting stuff, and while we can’t do the show with these newly imposed characters, we can learn something from different interpretations of the same role. You can see how it all plays out this May at one of our 6 showings 😉

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”


Amanda Lynn Petrin is the author of Shards of Glass, as well as The Owens Chronicles and The Gifted Chronicles series. She graduated with a double major in History and Psychology from McGill University, then spent a decade pursuing an acting career before turning to writing. She currently lives in Montreal, where she enjoys spending time with her family and living vicariously through her characters.

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